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About Abacus

A multi-function supply chain finance technology solution that allows for various points of connectivity for funders and clients.

  • Multi-funder connection: Access to global, regional and local funding institutions using a single platform.
  • Holistic package of solutions: Unique in the industry for its breadth of product functionality.
  • Client-facing platform: Single process for funding both sides of the balance sheet while also removing operational hurdles that normally exist when utilizing multiple sources of funding.

Core Functionality

Abacus has a number of standard functions which support daily trade finance operations:

  • Sophisticated credit limit set-up that enables limits of both buyer and seller
  • Manage fees, interest rates and funding approvals with multiple levels of verification
  • Effective data integration with internal banking systems and service providers such as FCI
  • User-friendly attachment upload (e.g. image, pdf, XML etc) functionality for funding requests that require supporting documentation

Functionality within Abacus is highly configurable and our system offers flexibility to accommodate specialised requirements. Lenders can customise their product offering by: region, industry and client credit worthiness.


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